My name is Evelyn, and I’m a Hungarian-born artist and tattooer based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I have been studying art at the Secondary School of Visual Arts (Kisképző) in Budapest, where I received my diploma in Graphic Design and Printmaking. After graduation I moved to Copenhagen, where I attended Københavns Erhvervsakademi, where I studied Marketing and Communication Design, and received an Academic Profession diploma. 

While attending university I have been working part-time as a graphic designer, focusing on branding, publication design and illustration. 

I have been tattooing since 2018, and currently working at Handshake Studio in Copenhagen. Given my background in fine arts and illustration, my style is focused on illustrative blackwork.

I draw inspiration from many places, mostly nature, oddities, antique objects and the occult.

If you wish to make a tattoo appointment with me, you can send a request through here.

If you have any questions regarding the tattoo process, you can contact me here.